Unpause: Department of Revenue gives go-ahead to file taxes

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Tax forms and filing programs have been updated – the Department of Revenue says Minnesotans should start doing their taxes now.

After the Legislature hastily passed (and Governor Mark Dayton quickly signed) a $443 million tax cut bill on March 21, the revenue officials asked people who hadn't filed yet to wait.

State Revenue Commissioner Myron Frans told Forum News Service at the time tax officials needed a couple days to figure out exactly how the new changes affected taxpayers. Three days later, they had a request: Wait until April 3 to file taxes while all the new forms and instructions are gathered, and all of the certified tax filing software gets updated.

That time came a day early.

"Completing the update one day early was a big accomplishment for Revenue staff working closely with our partners in the private sector," Department of Revenue Commissioner Myron Frans said in a release.

Governor Dayton also released a statement.

"Many thousands of Minnesotans will benefit from the tax cuts that were passed by the Legislature just over one week ago," he said. "I urge Minnesotans to file their taxes now, and claim all the tax cuts and credits for which they're eligible."

According to Forum News Service, Frans said a million taxpayers still need to file – and reiterated the deadline of April 15 did not change. The department says 300,000 taxpayers qualify for the retroactive 2013 tax deductions – according to KSTP, that's about $49 million worth of breaks.

If you've already filed your taxes, sit tight. The department says it will do one of three things: Adjust your return of possible and send you a letter of notification; request more information from you in order to adjust the return; or, if the department can't adjust it, will notify you and suggest filing an amended return.

The department also reminds people it will take longer than usual to receive refunds this year. If you want to know the status of your tax refund though, you can use this link.

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