Unsure about MNsure? Call-in line opens Tuesday

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MNsure, Minnesota's publicly-funded marketplace for health coverage, makes its public debut tomorrow after two years of development.

While MNsure won't be open for business until Oct. 1, state officials decided that sooner is better than later in case Minnesotans have questions.

With that in mind, MNsure will open its call center Tuesday to answer consumer questions. The FAQs are expected to range from "just what the heck is MNSure" to "how soon can I sign up."

According to the St. Cloud Times, MNsure will become a key tool to compare and buy health insurance for at least one million Minnesotans.

Starting next year, most Americans without insurance, including almost 500,000 Minnesotans, will be required to buy coverage or face a financial penalty under the health care law championed by President Barack Obama.

Financial assistance will be available through MNsure to help offset the cost of coverage.

But first, questions need to be answered, and MNsure officials wanted to be ready.

According to MPR, the center will be staffed with people who speak Spanish, Hmong and Somali as well as English. There will be access to interpreter services for more than 140 languages.

As for those FAQ's, MNSure already has a healthy list on its website, 30 links in all.

As for the call-in line, it's 855-3-MNSURE.

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