Unwavering 'no' on Syria puts attention on Nolan in Washington


Rep. Rick Nolan, the Democrat from Minnesota's 8th District, has been clear and decisive on his stance on intervention in Syria, which seems to be an unequivocal no.

Because most members of Congress are showing deep conflict about the situation, Nolan is standing out on Capitol Hill. Here, National Public Radio spotlights Nolan as someone who is firmly not in President Obama's camp when it comes to launching a strike against the Assad regime.

He's characterized the administration's evidence of a chemical attack as "sketchy and confusing at best," reports NPR. One of an estimated 50-plus left-leaning Democratic House members expected to vote against Obama's plan to strike Syria, Nolan is dead set against the use of force, arguing that the role of the U.S. is "not the policeman of the world."

Beginning last week, Nolan was a pretty solid no vote, as BringMeTheNews reported. If anything, since getting into it with Secretary of State John Kerry during a conference call on Monday, Nolan's resolve seems strengthened by the attention.

And NPR, of course, notes the unique alignment of Nolan with Rep. Michele Bachmann in being a note vote, where Rep. Collin Peterson joined them Tuesday in voicing opposition to a strike.

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