Up, up, up: Powerball jackpot climbs to $800 million

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Thursday the Powerball Jackpot hit a record high at $700 million. Now, the Minnesota State Lottery says the jackpot is estimated to be at least $800 million and could get even bigger.

The state lottery says if there's a lucky winner Saturday evening, he or she could choose the cash option at an estimated $496 million (before tax withholding).

Trying to process that much money can be mind boggling, so to put that into perspective, you'd have to make more than $200,000 an hour working a full-time job to make that much in a year.

Many Minnesotans are getting ready to try their luck in the game. The Star Tribune says lottery ticket sales soared Friday.

But the odds of winning aren't very good. You have a one in 292,201,338 chance of hitting the jackpot. You are more likely to win a smaller sum of money though.

You can actually test out your luck without spending a penny on this Powerball simulator put out by the Los Angeles Times.

According to the simulator, odds of winning just $100 are one in 14,494.

And if those odds aren't low enough, there might not even be a winner. Wednesday was the 18th consecutive time the game has gone un-won, Time says. According to an earlier article by the magazine, if there's no winner on Saturday, the jackpot could surge to $1 billion.

But don't let the math stop you from dreaming. Check out what you can and can't buy if you get the winning numbers.


Cut off to buy the tickets is 9 p.m. Saturday, according to KARE 11.

Minnesota has had 22 Powerball jackpot winners, according to the Minnesota State Lottery.

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