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Update: DFL's Wolgamott will request a recount in State Senate election

Just 142 votes separated the two candidates.

Some votes from Tuesday's State Senate election were so close that the losing candidate would like a recount.

Just 142 votes (47.40 percent to 47.02 percent) separated DFL candidate Dan Wolgamott and Republican candidate Jerry Relph in District 14, which is part of the St. Cloud area.

That narrow margin is within the recount zone, which can be requested when one half of one percent separates a race.

For this reason, Wolgamott said Friday that he will formally request a recount after Benton, Sherburne and Stearns counties’ Canvassing Boards and the State Canvassing Board have certified the election results, according to a news release.

Every vote counts

Republicans won control of the Minnesota Senate by a one-member majority on Tuesday. But recounts are expected in two districts, and Republicans need both wins to keep their 34-33 majority.

Wolgamott tweeted that "every vote counts."

“This race was close, close enough to fall within the margins of a recount under state law. One thing all voters can agree on, is the importance of ensuring the accuracy of our elections. In Minnesota every vote must be counted, in a recount this will be done by hand counting each ballot cast, because machines can count ballots to only a certain extent. I will request a recount in order to ensure that our voting process was as fair and accurate as Minnesotans expect it to be,” Wolgamott said in the release.

The other person requesting a recount is DFL candidate Deb Calvert from the Minnetonka-Plymouth area, who lost to Republican Paul Anderson by 201 votes in Senate District 44, MPR reported.

The State Canvassing Board will meet on Tuesday, Nov. 29.

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