Fox News anchor just released from treatment, police report says

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The Fox News weekend anchor arrested at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport earlier this week may have had a reaction related to mixing a prescription drug with alcohol.

The Associated Press cited a police report that said a search of Gregg Jarrett's bag found documentation that he had just been released from an alcohol and chemical dependency treatment facility.

Jarrett, 59, was arrested Wednesday after officers arrived at the Northern Lights Grill in response to a report of a customer who appeared to be "acting very intoxicated." The police report said Jarrett, who was swaying and using the bar for support, was "unwilling or unable to answer questions." The Star Tribune added that the report said that arresting officers found Jarrett “uncooperative, resistant and combative.”

Jarrett became agitated as he was booked into the Hennepin County Jail and began struggling with police. It took more than one officer to handcuff him, the report said. Officers reportedly found three gabapentin pills in his pocket. Gabapentin is a painkiller prescribed for a number of reasons, including for treating seizure disorders and pain that occurs after shingles. Side effects can include drowsiness, dizziness and loss of coordination. It should not be mixed with alcohol.

Jarrett was charged with one count of obstructing the legal process/interfering with a peace officer, a misdemeanor charge. He posted $300 bond and was released from the Hennepin County Jail early Thursday. His next court appearance is scheduled June 6.

The story has gotten wide play; the U.K.'s Daily Mail carried a stock photo of the Northern Lights Grill at the airport.

Fox News in New York released a statement Thursday saying Jarrett "is dealing with serious personal issues at this time. A date at which Gregg might return to air has yet to be determined." Jarrett, who lives in the New York City suburb of Larchmont, hasn't been on the air on Fox News since mid-April. He joined the network in 2002, following stints with MSNBC and Court TV.

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