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UPDATE: Shakopee wrestler suspended for tweet can return to mat


The 16-year-old Shakopee High School student who was suspended from athletics in August for a tweet he sent can rejoin the wrestling team, a federal judge said.

Tyson Leon, who also plays football, had sued his high school and argued in court earlier this week that the tweet – “Im boutta drill my ‘teammates’ on Monday.” – was merely a reference to football tackling. The school had said it amounted to a terroristic threat.

On Wednesday, a federal judge said Leon could join the team again when it starts a new season in mid-November, his mother told the Star Tribune. She called the whole situation "ludicrous."

School district officials said they had only banned Leon from football and not other athletics, the newspaper reports.

Leon had been banned from sports three other times for other offenses, including alcohol use and fighting, the Associated Press reports. Shakopee Superintendent Rod Thompson on Wednesday noted that participating in sports is a privilege, not a right, and that student athletes sign a form, agreeing to meet expectations set by the school, the AP reported.

School district officials nationwide have struggled to define their role in monitoring the social media use of students, and on occasion, matters land in court. Earlier this summer, an Indiana teenager sued her school after she was suspended over Twitter comments she made outside of school.

Also this summer, a Georgia teen sued her school after an administrator during a districtwide social-media seminar displayed a photo of the bikini-clad girl, which she had posted to Facebook.

Last month, an assistant middle school principal in Oregon sued students who he accused of using Facebook and Twitter to parody him.

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