Update: Waseca teen accused in school attack plot will be placed at state facility

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The state has found a bed for John LaDue – the teenager accused of plotting to blow of his school – so he won't be returning home Thursday.

The Mankato Free Press is reporting that in the "11th hour" officials found a placement for LaDue within a Department of Human Services evaluation facility.

LaDue was originally supposed to go to a treatment facility in Georgia when he finished his jail sentence after pleading guilty to an explosives charge this past fall, but that didn't work out.

The new plan, decided on Jan. 9, was to put him in an evaluation facility in Minnesota under a strict treatment plan. But there are only 12 beds of this kind in the state, and last week, they were all taken. That meant when LaDue finished his jail sentence on Jan. 28, he'd return to his parent's house in Waseca until a bed became available.

But state officials have now found a bed for LaDue, one of his attorneys told the Star Tribune, but he declined to give further details on where he will be placed.

The judge is expected to issue an order soon, the paper notes.

LaDue's case rocked Waseca and Minnesota as a whole. He was accused of planning to set off bombs at his high school and kill his family, a plan detailed in a journal found by investigators along with bomb-making materials in his bedroom and a storage unit in 2014.

He pleaded guilty to the explosives charge in October, but attempted murder charges against him were dismissed after his defense team argued he had not intended to carry out the massacre.

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