Updates for this year's State Fair – and how much tickets will cost

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This year, the Minnesota State Fair will be getting some updates.

The fair's board of managers approved a $6.8 million improvements and maintenance budget, according to a news release from the State Fair.

What can you expect to see change? The budget includes a new Family Fair Stage at Baldwin Park and a new restroom in the Kidway block.

The budget also covers upgraded horse stalls in the barn, paving the Transit Hub and an additional walkway through the Adventure Park block. There will also be money to fix electric and sewages systems as well as add fresh paint and repair sidewalks.

Despite all of the changes, fair-goers will be excited to hear ticket prices will not be impacted. Tickets to the Great Minnesota Get-Together will be the same as last year – $13 for adults (13-64 years), children and seniors will cost $11, and children under 5 are free.

The last time ticket prices increased was 2014. They went up $1 from the previous year, according to the Pioneer Press. 

During the meeting to discuss the budget, General Manager Jerry Hammer shared ideas for updates that may be coming in 2017 or 2018.

According to the news release, a new complex might be built on the north end of the fairgrounds. It could include an interactive agriculture exhibit, a hall to house traveling exhibit, and an outdoor amphitheater.

Hammer told The Associated Press the plan isn't as big as their West End Market upgrade, but it could create more opportunities for the fair.

The 2016 Minnesota State Fair will run Aug. 25 through Labor Day, Sept. 5.

You can buy tickets to this year's State Fair for a discounted price here.

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