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Uptown Diner fires 'Nazis' after social media outrage

Some claim the employees were 'reenactors.'

Following an intense social media outcry, the Uptown Diner in Minneapolis has fired two workers who appeared in a viral photo wearing "Nazi" uniforms. 

"After a review, these individuals are no longer employed" at the restaurant, the business announced on Facebook Tuesday. "This is severely troubling, especially in the light of tragic events in Charlottesville over the weekend."

The restaurant also "unequivocally" denounced "the beliefs and ideals of neo-Nazis and white supremacy."

The origin of the photo – which shows a group posing in front of a mirror while wearing what appears to be Third Reich-era German army outfits – is unclear, but sometime this week it leaked onto Facebook, and set off a firestorm of angry reactions (including calls for a boycott).

The announcement of the firings seemed to quell some of the fury, with a number of Facebook users thanking Uptown Diner.

"You gained a new customer," someone commented on Facebook. "Thank you for being on the right side of history."

Controversy remains

The conversation isn't quite over, however. 

For some people, the diner's reaction wasn't swift enough (the restaurant's first acknowledgement said the workers' employment was "under review"; the firing announcement came in a later update).

"Under review? NEVER AGAIN," a Facebook commenter said.

"It saddens me that they know and have known their employees were pro-Nazi," another person commented on Facebook after the firing. "I personally will not be eating there in the future."

But a lot of other commenters are coming to the defense of the fired workers, with many saying they were simply "historical reenactors" who shouldn't have been dismissed.

Despite these claims, it's still not clear exactly why the employees were dressed up in such a way. 

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