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UW-Madison suspends fraternity for serving booze to minors, singing lewd song

It is the latest controversy at a University of Wisconsin-Madison fraternity.

A fraternity at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is in hot water after being found to have served alcohol to minors at a party.

The university announced on Tuesday that the Madison chapter of the Sigma Chi fraternity has been suspended for all university activities until March 1.

The suspension relates to a party in October, when the fraternity – which the university notes has a "history of previous violations" – was allowing minors to be served alcohol.

More details of the party have been obtained by the Associated Press, which you can read here and reveals that the university also received a complaint about a song during the party that glorified an apparently fictional Sigma Chi member who "sexually assaulted 100 women against a wall."

The suspension was handed down by the student-led Committee on Student Organizations who found the fraternity in violation of the student organization code of conduct.

It means that Sigma Chi are barred from holding events and activities until March 1, and even when the suspension is lifted they will not be allowed to serve alcohol at any events until May 8.

The fraternity has the right to appeal the decision.

Fraternity scandals in Madison

It is the latest in a series of controversies that have beset University of Wisconsin-Madison fraternities in recent years.

In October, the university terminated its Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity over what campus officials described as a "pattern of safety and alcohol policy violations by members," as reported by the Wisconsin State Journal.

Another fraternity at the Madison campus, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, was suspended after a member reported multiple instances of racist, anti-Semitic and homophobic behavior, the Washington Post wrote last May.

In March 2015, the university shut down its first fraternity in almost a decade, Chi Phi, after learning of a hazing weekend that left a freshman pledge with a concussion after he was his in a head while laying in a closed crate meant to simulate a grave.

The State Journal reported pledges were also made to sleep in the attic and wear pillowcases over their heads.

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