Valleyfair hiring 2,000 workers, some at increased pay

They also have a new ride debuting this year.

Minnesota's marquee amusement park, Valleyfair in Shakopee, is hiring people to fill 2,000 summer jobs

“At Valleyfair, we have a job for everyone,” Jason Spinosa, Human Resources Director, said in a press release. “We offer flexible schedules that are great for students, teachers, parents, retirees and part-time job seekers.”

Starting pay: Up to $12/hour (select positions). 

Hours: Work schedules are custom built to fit your schedule. 

They're looking for workers in the following departments: rides, concessions, security, admissions, lifeguards, EMTs, retail, among others, the press release says. 

You can apply right here

Valleyfair opens May 11. 

Coming with the opening is the debut of a new ride, "Delirious" (seen below). The new ride basically goes back and forth and upside down at a high rate of speed. 

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