Valleyfair opens for the first time in 39 years without the Enterprise

What replaced it? A giant, 230-foot-tall swing set.

It's been 39 years since Minnesotans last experienced this – a Valleyfair without the Enterprise.

The theme park said goodbye to the classic at the end of the summer last year, after more than 15 million riders had taken a spin since it opened in 1979. Valleyfair's executive director and general manager, Dave Frazier, called the farewell "bittersweet."

But they needed to make room for something equally spinny, but a heck of a lot taller: The North Star.

It's like that Camp Snoopy tree swing at Mall of America ... but 230 feet in the air. If you want to know what it looks like, here are our friends at the Go 96.3 Morning Show – Ben, Dana and Giselle – giving it a whirl:

Valleyfair says it's the only ride of its type in the Upper Midwest.

It also lights up in cool colors when it's dark.

Valleyfair opened in 1976, and now has more than 75 rides and attractions, its website says.

Single day passes start at $35, with that price going up and up depending on if you want more features like parking or the fast lane option.

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