Vandals target Mankato church, again


Mankato police are investigating damage to a Catholic church that has been the target of vandals twice since August.

The Mankato Free Press reports the latest incident occurred early Friday morning at Ss. Peter & Paul Catholic Church when four windows, including two 100-year-old stained-glass windows, were destroyed by a brick, pieces of cement block and a rock launched at the building. The church's elevator was also damaged.

The Mankato Department of Public Safety told the newspaper that grainy surveillance video captured a male wearing a dark shirt and light-colored pants, but no suspects have been identified.

A similar incident occurred on Aug. 17 when 10 of the church's windows appeared to have been kicked in or damaged by bricks. Witnesses in that case reported seeing a lone male in dark clothing nearby. As a result, police had stepped up enforcement in the area.

The surveillance footage showed officers patrolling the area 20 minutes before the damage occurred Friday.

Mark Frederick, parish administrator at Peter & Paul's, said cost estimates for the damage have likely surpassed $3,000, not including the cost to repair the stained-glass windows. Frederick says a specialist will assess the damage of the stained glass.

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