Ventura trial: Late sniper's wife cries on stand, says husband didn't lie


The widow of a former Navy Seal sniper defended her husband during emotional testimony Wednesday in former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura's defamation trial.

Taya Kyle broke down in the St. Paul courtroom, saying that her late husband, Chris Kyle, didn't lie. According to the Pioneer Press, Taya Kyle's statement was in response to a passage in her husband's best-selling book, "American Sniper." Ventura claims that Chris Kyle made up a story in his book about punching Ventura in the face during a bar fight back in 2006.

Before Chris Kyle died last year, he recorded a deposition. That deposition was played in court Wednesday. During the recorded interview, Kyle defended his story.

Ventura's defamation suit argues the anecdote about his punching Ventura contained in the book has damaged his reputation and made it harder for him to find work.

After Chris Kyle was killed in a shooting at a Texas firing range last year, a judge allowed Ventura's lawsuit to proceed against Kyle's estate, with Taya Kyle serving as the defendant.

She testified that while writing the book she heard some concerns that using the former Minnesota governor's name could risk a libel lawsuit, but she did not remember who had raised those concerns. The Star Tribune says Ventura's lawyer told the jury that witnesses will testify that the fight and the remarks attributed to Ventura never occurred. An attorney for Kyle promised to produce a witness who saw various portions of the episode.

Taya Kyle also talked about an upcoming movie to be directed by Clint Eastwood. According to DFW CBS, She told the courtroom that the part of the book referring to Ventura will likely not make the final cut of the movie version because screenwriters told her that there wasn't enough room.

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