Report: Repairs were done just prior to Verso paper mill explosion

In documents obtained by the St. Cloud Times, employees at the Verso Paper plant in Sartell describe to police how plant operations were halted in May for repairs, and that the plant was just being brought online again when an explosion and fire ripped through the facility, killing one and injuring four.
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In the hours before an explosion and fire in May at the Verso Paper plant that killed one employee and injured four others in Sartell, the plant had been shut down to repair a leaking water pipe, the St. Cloud Times reports. It was just being brought back online when the explosion happened, the newspaper reports.

The shutdown caused the plant to switch its source of cooling water for compressors that were later cited by employees as the spot where they saw smoke and flames just before the explosion, the newspaper says. That information was contained in statements that nine employees gave to police officers, and the statements were contained in police reports provided Tuesday to the Times by Sartell officials in response to a data request.

It's unclear when or even if the plant might reopen.

Gov. Mark Dayton told Verso Paper this week that the explosion and fire qualifies the company for state assistance, MPR reports. But a spokesman says Verso is still weighing what the cost of rebuilding the plant might be and whether it's worth it.

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Verso won't reopen Sartell paper mill

Verso Paper has decided against reopening the Sartell mill that was damaged by an explosion and fire on Memorial Day. 259 people had worked at the plant. A company executive says it was a difficult decision, but the mill had not been competitive in recent years. Verso says it will work with local officials on finding a new use for the site.

Report on cause of Sartell paper mill fire released

Investigators say the fire at Sartell's Verso paper mill was caused by an overheated compressor. There was a severe loss of pressure in the water that normally cooled the equipment. The subsequent explosion and fire killed one worker and damaged the plant, which the company recently announced will not reopen.

Verso pays Sartell for paper mill fire expenses

Verso Paper Corp. on Monday paid the city of Sartell in full – about $398,000 – for its response to a Memorial Day fire that ultimately led to the permanent closing of the company's paper plant, the St. Cloud Times reports. There were 92 agencies from across the state that helped fight the blaze and 68 of those sought repayment.

Idle Sartell paper mill hurting Minnesota loggers

The shutdown of Sartell's Verso Paper Mill has created an economic ripple effect. Northern Minnesota loggers who sell their timber to the mill are feeling it, as are those who make and maintain the mill's equipment. Local officials want the state to help Verso repair the damage of last month's explosion and fire.

Verso Paper collects $40M in advance insurance settlement

Verso Paper Corp. says it has received about $40 million in insurance money after the explosion and fire that killed one worker and injured four other employees in Sartell, Minn., on Memorial Day, the St. Cloud Times reports. The company expects to collect an additional $44 million settlement.

Flare ups continue at Sartell paper mill as demolition work begins

Small fires are still flaring up at the Verso paper mill, nearly a week after an explosion at the Sartell plant killed one worker and injured five others. On Sunday crews began demolishing the part of the plant where the explosion occurred. A city official says the hot spots pose no threat to public safety.

Sen. Klobuchar visits damaged Verso Paper mill

U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar met with union workers and local management in Sartell on Saturday. The central Minnesota plant remains shut down after a Memorial Day explosion killed one worker, injured four others and put the future of more than 250 jobs in question. Democrat Amy Klobuchar told the St. Cloud Times she plans to have another conversation with Verso CEO Dave Paterson this week.

Sartell tries to envision life after the paper mill

The owners changed over the years, but Sartell's paper mill has provided hundreds of jobs for more than a century. Those days are gone following Verso Paper's decision not to reopen the fire-damaged plant. Now Gov. Dayton will put together a task force to look at how to reuse the 37 acre site on the Mississippi River. Verso says it will share its list of potential buyers.