Video: A taste test of some of the State Fair's best hangover foods

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The Minnesota State Fair offers some pretty great foods to nurse your hangover – if you can handle all the walking and crowds to get to them.

We may not have found the foods that are recommended to cure a hangover, but we did find a bunch that tasted pretty good when we weren't feeling 100 percent.

Check out this Snapchat video of our experience:

What we tried, and how we ranked it:

  • Mac and Cheese Cupcake from LuLu's Public House: Cheesy, noodle-y, and complete with bread crumbs to soak up whatever you drank the night before.
  • Mac and Cheese on a Stick from LuLu's Public House: A small glob of mac and cheese, deep fried. What more could you want?
  • Bang Bang Fresh Chicken Tenders from LuLu's Public House (new at the fair this year): It was the perfect mix of sweet and savory. Yum.
  • Schell's Red Sangria Lager from LuLu's Public House (new this year): The hair of the dog won on this one – it was fruity and refreshing.
  • All You Can Drink Milk: Milk wasn't a bad choice for three out of four of us.
  • Reuben Pickle Dog from Pickle Dog (new this year): It was delicious and a nice break from the fried food, but it wasn't exactly what we wanted to be eating with a hangover (even though pickle juice is apparently a good cure).
  • Lakes & Legend's Sweet Corn Summer Ale from O'Gara's at the Fair (new this year): A decent beer that doesn't taste too much like corn, but not what you want to be drinking when you're not feeling your best.
  • Deep Fried Grilled Cheese from O'Gara's at the Fair (new this year): The verdict was split down the middle on this one – they're like cheese curds, but not as greasy.
  • Pronto Pup with mustard from Pronto Pups: Salty and delicious, but made us very thirsty.
  • Summit on a Stick from the International Bazaar: The pilsner was light enough, but the Saga IPA and Summit EPA were a little much for the way we were feeling.
  • Cider Freeze from Minnesota Apple in the Agriculture Horticulture Building: Cold, juicy and perfect.
  • Sweet Martha's Cookies: As always, delicious. Even with a hangover.
  • Water from anywhere we could find it: The winner, for sure.

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