Video: A wife surprises her husband with baby news – and he's thrilled

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That's probably a video they'll cherish.

A Minneapolis woman surprised her husband in a photo booth by telling him she is pregnant – and captured the whole thing on video.

"For real?" he asks (more than once) while laughing and tearing up, clearly thrilled by the news.

The couple – Michael and Jessica Devins – are used to capturing memorable moments on camera. Jessica Devins is a photographer and graphic designer.

" target="_blank">She and Michael operate fotofilm studios out of Minneapolis.

It's usually other people though.

The two are big photo booths fans, and have been since the early stages of their relationship, she says.

She got video of the susprise baby announcmenet with her iPhone, which she taped to the photo booth wall – something she started doing months ago to "capture video of our silly faces," so he wouldn't be suspicious when a moment like this came along, she explains in the YouTube description.

It was posted Dec. 24, but just recently has been sharing more. A week ago it had about 26,000 views.

It's up to 1.5 million views as of Friday mornings (but expect that number to keep going up as the adorable video makes the rounds).

The Devins' baby is due in June of 2015.

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