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Video: Al Franken gives WaPo reporter 'Welcome to Minnesota' gift


The Washington Post reporter moving to the Minnesota county he called "the absolute worst place to live in America" has been given a Minnesota Nice welcome from Al Franken.

The Minnesota U.S. Senator posted a video welcoming Christopher Ingraham to the Land of 10,000 Lakes ahead of his move to Red Lake County.

"Now you're going to be a new Minnesotan I'm going to do something that will absolutely astound you," Franken said, before proceeding to draw a map of the United States on the back of a map of Minnesota.

As you'll remember, Ingraham wrote a less than positive story about the county, using government data on scenery and climate to determine it to be the ugliest county in America.

Following backlash from proud Minnesotans, Ingraham was far more complimentary after paying a visit to the county, and went one further this past week by revealing he will be moving there.

Adorning a wall on his future home will be Franken's gift.

"Welcome to your new home, here in Red Lake. Obviously you didn't visit it during the winter," Franken said.

In a column published Tuesday, Ingraham explained his reasons for moving to Red Lake County, paying tribute to the "people who'd shown kindnesses small and large."

"I kept dreaming about big skies. Broad rivers. Flat roads running to the horizon and towns that smelled of wood and grain and dry prairie air," he writes.

His stay is not likely to be permanent. He explains he and his wife had been talking about raising their two-year-old twins sons in the country for the period of time before they started school.

And he's certainly attracted by the cost of living, particularly when looking at property in northwest Minnesota compared to their 900-foot townhouse in Maryland.

"The homes in northwest Minnesota often come with acreage. With a barn. With a suite of outbuildings whose functions remain mysterious to us. And all at a fraction of the cost of the tiny rowhouse."

Sen Franken has previously shown a talent for drawing an exceptionally accurate state map of America, doing it for onlookers at the Minnesota State Fair in 2009.

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