Video: Al Franken reads out mean tweets about his Clinton support

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Democratic Sen. Al Franken showed his support for presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Thursday by appearing in a "mean tweets" video.

The former Saturday Night Live comedian and Minnesota senator has had plenty of feedback since tweeting his support for Clinton, and he responded to some them in an amusing video shared by the Clinton campaign on Thursday.

"Franken is plugged into the establishment matrix," one of them read, to which he responded: "Ok, that sounds painful, and it was, it was. It was part of the enhanced interrogation techniques they did during the Bush administration, thank god we stopped plugging people into the establishment matrix."

In the video, he says that he agrees with Clinton on the following issues:

  • Making college affordable
  • Lowering student debt
  • Universal pre-K
  • Raising minimum wage
  • Rebuilding infrastructure
  • Combating climate change
  • Creating clean energy jobs
  • Protecting Planned Parenthood
  • Pay equality
  • Strengthening social security
  • Improving Obamacare
  • Expanding mental health coverage

According to City Pages, Senator Amy Klobuchar and Governor Mark Dayton also support Clinton.

Here is Franken's own tweet supporting Hilary:

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