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Video: Animal control rescues stuck ducklings

The baby ducks fell through a storm drain.

Rescue season is underway.

Rochester Animal Control has been busy this week rescuing ducklings that happened to fall into storm drains, the Rochester Post Bulletin reports.

Mamisoa Knutson, who lives in the area, spotted the ducks after they fell down into a storm sewer earlier this week and took video of the rescue (watch it below).

Rescuing ducklings: I was driving to work and saw a mama duck and 10 ducklings crossing the street and struggling by the curb. I stopped and rushed over. Six of her ducklings had fallen into the drain. A nice older gentleman had also seen this and stopped. We called the non-emergency line who sent a sheriff to wait with us. Animal Control and Community Service finally came and reunited the ducklings! My mama heart might have wept with joy afterwards. Thanks to Rochester Animal Control Shelter MN and Olmsted County Sheriff's Office for their help.

Posted by Mamisoa Séraphine Knutson on Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Knutson said she spotted a mom and her 10 ducklings crossing the street, and when she noticed them struggling near the curb she rushed over. It turned out six of the ducklings had fallen into the drain.

She called for help, and Rochester Animal Control came and climbed into the sewer to reunite the ducklings with their mom.

This isn't uncommon

This kind of thing happens a lot this time of year. When ducklings hatch, they follow their mom wherever she goes, trailing closely behind.

So when a mama duck walks across a storm sewer grate, they follow. But the spaces between the grate are bigger than the ducklings, so they can fall down into the sewer.

If you ever see this happen – or any small animal go through the grates – call the city and they should be able to find someone who can help.

Rutgers University also has some tips for rescuing the ducklings if help isn't available (but only if it's safe for you to do). Using a crowbar, you can lift the sewer grate. And then grab a bucket or kitchen strainer to scoop up the ducklings and get them back to their mother.

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