Video: Coon Rapids Burger King workers smash all the store's windows after prank call

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A prank caller successfully caused a lot of damage to a Coon Rapids Burger King after convincing employees to smash all the windows to keep it from exploding.

According to the Coon Rapids Police Department, a caller claiming to be from the fire department asked to speak with the restaurant's manager.

When the manager got on the phone, the caller said that there was explosive gas in the building and they needed to smash the windows to relieve pressure – so the employees did just that.

The only problem? There was no gas.

This is just one in a series of pranks – including some that happened in California and Oklahoma – that target unsuspecting Burger King employees.

Police say one employee suffered a minor cut while breaking the windows. No one else was injured.

Coon Rapids police and the Anoka County Sheriff's Office are investigating to figure out who made the call.

The local officials say you should dial 911 immediately if you ever receive a call from someone claiming to be with a police or fire department, asking you to take action of any kind.

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