Video: Deer crashes through window at Wisconsin restaurant

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Diners at a Shawano, Wisconsin, Perkins restaurant got a floor show they didn't expect Monday night.

As a supper crowd was eating inside, two deer ran through the restaurant's parking lot, but one deer couldn't stop in time and crashed through the restaurant's front window, reports say.

"It was unbelievable, they were just running full speed," Maranita Gretzinger, the kitchen manager, told WAOW.

Surveillance video shows the deer smashing through the window and pushing one of the benches aside, but then the animal quickly left.

"Glass flying everywhere and all of a sudden you come up and there's a deer trying to get out of the restaurant," Perkins waiter Scott Marohl told WBAY.

A waitress at the restaurant said it made for a lively night. After the deer left, a lot of customers were making jokes with the employees.

"Then when it got in, it probably saw it was crowded and left – it couldn't get a seat," Dick Paddock, who was dining at the restaurant, jokingly told WAOW.

A manager at the restaurant told WAOW that the deer seemed to be injured, but the animals haven't been seen since. No people were hurt.

Wildlife experts told WBAY that the deer were probably lost and scared.

This isn't the first time a deer has made a surprise entrance through a window. In January, a northwest Minnesota man had to wrestle a deer in his living room after it broke through the family's sliding glass doors.

Last October, a deer – or perhaps two deer – crashed through windows at two different buildings in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

In November 2012, a deer that was being chased by a dog crashed through a window at the University of Wisconsin-Stout.

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