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Video: Deputy's close call as sliding SUV almost hits him during traffic stop


A deputy with the Becker County Sheriff's Office had an extremely close call Wednesday morning when a sliding SUV hurtled inches past him during a traffic stop.

Valley News Live reports the officer had pulled over a car on a slick Highway 59 near Westbury, north of Detroit Lakes, when he noticed the out-of-control vehicle coming his way.

The deputy told the driver to shut the door and then ran to the side of the road just seconds before the SUV passed them.

In an email to the Forum News Service, Sheriff Todd Glander said it was a "very close call" but the deputy was unharmed and the vehicle didn't sustain any damage.

The incident has prompted other police departments in Minnesota to remind drivers about safety when approaching patrol cars parked on the shoulder.

"See flashing lights... please slow down and if traffic allows, move a lane over. Not only as a courtesy, but for safety...and it's the law," the Beltrami County Sheriff's Office said on Facebook.

Under the Ted Foss "Move Over Law," Minnesotans driving on roads with two or more lanes are required to move over at least one full lane if they approach a stopped emergency vehicle with its lights activated. If you aren't able to move over, you should slow down.

More details of the law can be found here.

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