Video footage from the St. Cloud mall attack released

The first shows the suspect Dahir Adan entering an Ultimate Electronics store.

Surveillance camera footage from the stabbing attack at Crossroads Center in St. Cloud on Sept. 17 was released by Stearns County officials Thursday.

Much of the footage is disturbing and violent, so please use caution when choosing whether to watch. You can read more details about what officials say happened inside the mall here.

The videos show three different segments:

Video 1 – Ultimate Electronics

The first shows the suspect Dahir Adan entering an Ultimate Electronics store, and stabbing an employee.

Officials said Thursday they actually didn't know that person was a victim – they only learned after asking the store for video footage, and being told one of their workers was stabbed.

Video 2 – Northwoods Candy Emporium

The second shows a candy store, a little bit down in the mall. People inside look toward the entrance to see what's going on, and someone manages to shut the security gate as soon as Adan comes by. When Adan passes the window on the top right, you can visibly see the knife in his hand.

Video 3 – Macy's

The third shows the confrontation in Macy's between Adan and Jason Falconer, the off-duty police officer who shot and killed him. Some of it is explained in the video (which includes multiple camera angles), but you can see Adan, followed by Falconer, run into the store.

You can then see Adan get down, before quickly standing up and charging again, and Falconer shooting him.

Adan gets up after a short period of time and again charges Falconer, who again fires shots. At one point, Adan turns while being shot at. He then falls.

He crawls off camera, where officials say witness accounts describe him as trying to get up again using a sign, but the sign collapses. Adan then falls for good.

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