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Video: Former Viking Herschel Walker sticking with Donald Trump

Move over Paul Ryan, look out Republicans in Congress. A former NFL running back rushes in to endorse Donald Trump.

Donald Trump may have lost the support of Paul Ryan and some other prominent Republicans, but a former NFL running back is rushing in to support him.

We aren't sure this will go over as a ringing endorsement in Minnesota for Trump – especially for Vikings fans – but Herschel Walker says he's sticking with Trump even after the infamous tapes were discovered last week.

In an interview with TMZ Sports, Walker stood up for his one time Celebrity Apprentice boss.

Here is what Herschel had to say:

"Okay, Donald says stupid stuff. He do stupid things. I've done stupid things. Everybody's done stupid things," said Walker. "But what are you gonna do right now? Where are you at right now? Hillary Clinton, where are you at right now?"

Speaking of stupid things, for those who may have forgotten (or tried to forget), the Vikings traded five players and eight draft picks to the Dallas Cowboys in 1989 for Walker, believing that he was the missing piece to a Super Bowl team.

It didn't quite work out that way, Walker never really became what the Vikings had hoped, and Dallas went on to win multiple Super Bowls just a few years later thanks in large part to the pieces the Vikings traded away.

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