Video: Here's how Nick Offerman is celebrating New Year's Eve

Hint: It's quiet and there's whisky.

Credit: My Tales of Whisky Official, YouTube

Ring in the New Year with comedian Nick Offerman with his latest installment in a series of videos for Lagavulin.

It's an hour of Offerman sitting silently, sipping on Lagavulin Single Malt Scotch Whisky. Behind him, there's a Scottish New Year's Eve party going on – as it approaches midnight, the crowd gets rowdier, but Offerman ... you can probably guess where this goes.

Last year, Offerman's holiday video was 45 minutes of him sitting in front of a Yule log. It was also part of the liquor company's "My Tales of Whisky Official" series.

For more on the history of Lagavulin Whisky, Offerman tells the semi-true story in the video below.

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