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Video: Home security camera shows burglars break into Anoka apartment


The video above shows the moment burglars broke into an Anoka apartment by kicking in the door.

The footage was taken by the apartment owner, who posted it to Reddit Monday under the username "LumpyAbyss."

The post read:

"August 7th, around 10:45 am a man kicked down the door to my apartment. There were 3-4 men coming in and out of the apartment, and a witness says there was a woman waiting outside as well. This happened near Anoka Technical College. Any leads on this would be much appreciated!!!"

She posted links to two more videos showing the thieves checking out the apartment, which police told BringMeTheNews happened at an apartment block at 2811 Cutters Grove Ave., near Highway 10.

The 23-year-old apartment resident, who asked to remain anonymous, told BringMeTheNews she was away at a family cabin for the weekend, while her 25-year-old fiance was in San Francisco for job training.

The couple had only moved to Minnesota from Texas three weeks ago, saying they'd never had anything like this happen to them before.

"We both got alerts from our phones from the security camera saying 'unknown face seen', which is how we knew right away," she said.

The thieves stole a large flatscreen TV, an iPad Mini, a jewelry box containing sentimental items, a box of credit cards and a social security card, as well as some keys to the apartment and apartment block.

Capt. Eric Peterson told BringMeTheNews that no arrests have been made at this stage, but having clear surveillance footage is a huge boost to any investigation.

"It's significant ... to have video," he said, saying it not only helps identify suspects, but also get the correct dates and times for when the incident occurred, adding: "It's imperative to the investigation and to the prosecution."

The remarkably clear footage was taken with a Netatmo Welcome, and indoor security camera with facial recognition, that alerts owners wirelessly if there is someone in their home while they're out.

"My fiance is a tech geek who does computer work for a living," the victim said, "he loves gadgets and security stuff. We bought the camera when we moved to San Antonio last year with no family or friends around for peace of mind.

"It is always running."

The camera retails at between $180 and $200.

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