Video: Watch the sudden collapse of this Lake Superior ice sculpture

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It was a sad, albeit spectacular, end to a world record attempt.

A bid to create the world's largest ice sculpture in Superior, Wisconsin, fell to pieces, literally, Tuesday with warm weather blamed for its collapse.

The Superior Ice Project captured the collapse of the sculpture on video, as it fell down just after 10 a.m. while Minnesota designer Roger Hanson was being interviewed by the New York Times on Barker's Island.

The sculpture, commissioned by the city of Superior in the summer for $30,000, was to be the centerpiece for a series of light shows on Saturdays during February, culminating with a fireworks display on February 28, the Superior Telegram reports.

The Star Tribune says that the sculpture, which was nearing its goal of 65-feet tall, may have collapsed because of the warmer than usual weather seen during December and January, which may have "weakened the structure's core."

As for the festival, with the centerpiece destroyed, WDIO reports that city officials will meet to consider the next steps.

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