Video: Laughter, tears as police hand out $100 bills to stunned motorists

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Well, that's certainly better than getting a ticket.

Officer Bryan Johnson with the Eagan Police Department spent the day before Christmas Eve stopping people, pulling them over, and handing them a $100 bill – all thanks to an anonymous donor, KARE 11 reports.

Cash surprises across the country

The reactions from the recipients are, of course, undeniably heartwarming, with many people brought to tears by the act of kindness. (Watch the KARE 11 report below for Eagan footage.)

Which is why similar campaigns are popping up around the country this holiday season.

The first big report on a police-secret Santa partnership came from CBS News earlier this month. The report (which you can watch below) told the story of an anonymous donor who gave $100,000 to a Missouri sheriff's department for troopers to hand out to unsuspecting citizens.

Since then, lucky motorists in Louisiana, West Virginia, Michigan, Georgia, Ohio – and likely more towns across America – have been surprised with a $100 bill from a law enforcement officer.

In Eagan, the money is from an anonymous salesman, KARE 11 says, who donated $1,000, to be handed out to 10 different people.

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