Video: Mayo worker's delight at finally getting downtown parking privileges

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Have you ever seen someone this excited about a parking ramp?

The video above (warning: it contains a swear) shows Ben Thomas filming his journey as he arrives at a ramp in downtown Rochester, which he uploaded to his YouTube and Facebook page, the latter of which has had 75,000 views and over 800 shares.

"Oh this is amazing," he says, "I feel rich."

The reason for his excitement, as he explains in the video, is that because of a combination of limited parking space and the Mayo Clinic employing 30,000 people, many Mayo employees only get downtown parking privileges once they've worked there for 13 years.

Thomas had done his time and finally got his just reward, a parking spot "just three blocks from where I work," having spent 13 years parking off-site and riding the shuttle to work.

"It’s a struggle when you don’t have it because you’re parking a ways away. If you’re not doing that you’re shuttling in, you have to get up extra early," he told ABC 6.

"One day I just logged onto my email, got an email saying you’ve been upgraded. I got my parking tag and started showing people at work," he added.

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