Video: Michele Bachmann pokes fun at Hillary Clinton's subway difficulties

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Did you hear it's an election year?

While the usual wall-to-wall coverage of politicians includes political rallies, possible choices for vice president and even how candidates eat their pizza, Hillary Clinton made headlines when she rode the New York City subway.

However, despite living in and representing New York as a senator, many criticized her for having to swipe her MetroCard five times before getting it right.

In response, former Rep. Bachmann posted a video on Twitter poking fun at Clinton for her struggle with the subway turnstile.

“I know you had a tough time, Hillary, trying to figure out how to do the subway system even though you were the U.S. senator from New York,” Bachmann says in the video.

Whatever her intention, Bachmann picked up some scorn from Twitter users for posting the video, which received over 1,700 retweets and over 2,600 likes.

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