Video: Mille Lacs ice-out mass 'moving like a glacier' into lakefront homes

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While many still-frozen northern Minnesota lakes are cooling the fishing opener, ice is threatening homes on Lake Mille Lacs.

KSTP-TV has raw video of the ice-out, which the station reports is "moving like a glacier."

The video and several accompanying photos were sent in by Darla Johnson, whose son can be heard in the background saying to call 911. Johnson responds: "911's not going to help, but it (the frozen lake) just went into their house."

Someone else says, "It sounds like a train" as the frozen lake pushes across the yard. "How is it doing this?"

Here's Johnson's video to Channel 5, with creeping ice at about two minutes a big ice shift right around the tail end.

ABC has another view, from inside a boat house attacked by the ice blob (ABC also has images of another ice heave in Manitoba, Canada that destroyed a dozen homes):

And WDAY-TV in Fargo has aerial views of frozen Minnesota lakes.

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