Video: Minnesota climber takes in stunning views from Mt. McKinley peak

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After three previously thwarted attempts, you can't blame Minnesota adventurer Lonnie Dupre for feeling emotional when he finally reached the summit of Mount McKinley.

The climber has released a video through the Associated Press that shows him reaching the top of the 20,300-foot Alaskan mountain shortly after 5 p.m. CDT last Sunday, becoming the first person to do the climb solo in January.

Sobbing and with an ice-covered beard, the 53-year-old from Grand Marais, Minnesota, surveys the breathtaking view from the summit of North America's tallest peak, known locally as Denali.

After telling his team he had made it to the peak, he only lingered at the top for 10 minutes before beginning his descent.

It was the fourth time the arctic adventurer had attempted the climb in January, with his previous three attempts stopped by the weather.

Unfortunately after making a successful climb down the mountain, Dupre's journey home was delayed as clouds and winds prevented a plane picking him up from base camp on Wednesday, the Duluth News Tribune reports.

But conditions were better Thursday, and Dupre marked his journey back to civilization with a celebratory beer on the plane, which he shared on his Facebook page.

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Lonnie Dupre, of Grand Marais, hopes to be successful with his second attempt to become the first solo climber to summit Alaska's Mount McKinley in January. According to the Duluth News Tribune, Dupre spent 22 days alone on North America's highest mountain when a storm kept him from reaching the top on his first try last year.