Video: Minnesota officer joins grandma who's dancing alone in the street

This Minnesota grandma just loves to dance.
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A grandma in Austin, Minnesota, was dancing alone in a parking lot recently – and when an officer spotted her she decided to join in. 

The dance was captured by Sgt. Kim Lenz's squad camera, and the Austin Police Department posted the video to Facebook last Thursday (watch it above). 

The video has been watched more than 47,000 times and has garnered more than 100 comments, many of which are cheering 92-year-old Millie Seiver on for her dancing skills.

The video even got some comments from her grandchildren, one of whom wrote: "Way to go grandma ... yes she dances way better than me!"

Seiver told ABC 6 it was "very unexpected" that Sgt. Lenz drove up, turned up the music in her car, and joined Seiver for a dance. She added that she's "probably a little proud" that she's getting all this attention for being able "to do what I can do."

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