Video: Mounds View 4th grader, superintendent trade places for a day

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Claire Landberg's Day Off looks like it may have been a pretty Freaky Friday.

The Mounds View school district has an annual tradition in which a principal and a student trade places for a day. But this year Superintendent Dan Hoverman decided to get in on the act. He turned his office over to Landberg and took her spot in a fourth-grade classroom.

And, naturally, a video dramatization of the switch was posted to YouTube.

Highlights include Claire's executive decision to restore Super Beef Nachos to the cafeteria menu ... and the new big guy dominating the dodgeball game in gym class.

FOX 9 uses a series of photos to provide an express version of the swap (likening Hoverman's boarding the school bus to a scene in the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off).

But if you can spare 4 minutes, the full video is a fun ride:

Hoverman's biography on the school district's website describes him as a champion of "...efforts to enhance the personalization of public school education through innovation."

For schools, posting homemade videos to YouTube is getting more common than innovative.

Apart from making videos for fun, some students are now assigned to express themselves through video. This week the website NLNewsNow, which serves Canada's Newfoundland and Labrador, visited a high school writing class in which essays can be videos.

Mounds View's trading places scheme is definitely a twist on the typical Principal For A Day program, though.

Customarily, those programs involve letting a business or community leader shadow a principal for a day to gain a better understanding of local schools and the issues they're facing. The National Association of Elementary School Principals even has a page offering school leaders tips on holding such a day.

But those days do not generally involve dodgeball or edicts about nachos. Therefore they are less fun than Mounds View's exercise in role reversal.

Which, by the way, was a little like what Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan went through in Freaky Friday, minus the changing appearances part.

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