Video: Near miss for cop, Samaritan as skidding truck misses them by inches

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There was a scary moment for a police officer and good Samaritan on Tuesday morning, as they were narrowly missed by a truck driving on the shoulder in snowy conditions.

Dashcam footage captured by Crystal Police shows the moment Lt. Peter Underthun and two civilians – one of whom had pulled over to help after a spinout on I-94 near Rogers – had to jump out of the way as the box truck came skidding along the shoulder.

Crystal PD had cautioned drivers to take extra care on the commute Tuesday morning as snow fell across the I-94 corridor, and said the video is proof why road users need to slow down and move over for emergency vehicles.

KARE 11 has some more details of what happened, with the driver of the truck said to have missed Underthun's squad car by "mere inches" before approaching the crash scene.

The TV station notes that Lt. Underthun has been injured before while working at a crash scene, saying he was struck by a drunk driver three years ago. He missed a month of work because of it.

The Star Tribune reports the truck driver stopped after passing the crashed vehicle, expecting to be cited, but the officer moved it on so it didn't make an already difficult situation worse by becoming another hazard for other road users.

"It was one of those bad circumstances that might not have happened if he'd slowed down," Underthun told the newspaper. "People need to drive appropriately [for the weather] and with due care. When you see red lights, make sure you move over a lane."

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