Video of MN man who rescued deer from ice wins over hearts

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A Minnesota man's video recounting his rescue of a deer stuck in ice is getting big buzz online.

In the video, Steven Peterson (who is deaf) explains he saw the animal crawling out on the ice over the Kettle River, and became concerned. He walked through the woods, carefully made his way on to the ice, and tied a rope around the deer before pulling it to safety.

The Duluth News Tribune got video of the actual rescue, so click through to watch it.

Peterson says he's happy the deer is safe now, and hopes it might find its mother. He named it "Miss Ice River."

The video was shared to Reddit's /r/videos section and gained thousands of upvotes.

It was then uploaded to YouTube by Chris Haulmark, who was told of the video through Reddit and said in a comment he decided to make a subtitled version.

The Duluth News Tribune got in touch with Peterson, who lives in Duluth, and he recounted everything in detail – from his careful treading of the ice, to actually getting the animal out to safety.

Since going online, the video has been shared on sites such as MSN, Metro (from the UK) and Inside Edition – and has won over some hearts on the Internet.

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