Video of wedding party that took the plunge

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You've read the book – now see the movie.

Much was written this week about the Minnesota wedding party that went into the lake when a dock failed during a photo shoot – the incident drew international media attention.

Now check out the video (above) that shows just how far the bride and groom, plus 16 members of the wedding party sunk into the chilly water (four other bridesmaids mostly escaped getting wet). The clip was shot by videographer Megan Fritze.

Everyone remained in good spirits and the wedding went on only a few minutes late after the mishap – gowns and tuxes were mostly dry by then, according to various reports.

Groom Dan Anderson told CityPages, "the only thing you can do is have a beer and laugh."

As CityPages notes, Anderson's tweet tells the tale:

Wet groomsmen:

The incident gave Anderson and Hageman something else to talk about on their sports podcast.

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