Video: Parts of Nye's find new homes throughout MN (and New York)


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It's been a few weeks since the iconic Nye's Polonaise Room closed its doors, becoming a memory to many polka dancing regulars.

The 1950's northeast Minneapolis spot will certainly be missed, but a closing auction may help make the separation more bearable for some.

From tables and booths to lights and signs, people placed their bids over the course of more than a week with hopes of scoring a restaurant keepsake for themselves.

And on Tuesday, people flocked to the restaurant to pick up their treasures.

BringMeTheNews was there, and here's a glimpse at what we saw:

One woman loaded the giant wine-red awning (valued at $12.50) into a pickup, with plans to use it at home.

A man stood on a ladder, sawing away at a sign that read "Chopin Dining Room" ($310).

The long-time Nye's fan, Sean, told BringMeTheNews that he has no clue where he'll put it yet. In fact, he doesn't even know if he has room for the sign, but he bought it to hold onto a piece of the restaurant's history.

Yet another man loaded his vehicle with bits and pieces from the bar, saying his wife might not be too happy about this. So this purchase might need to be kept a secret (Shhh).

Movers wheeled out a giant black door ($599), saying that piece will be traveling about a thousand miles to live on in New York.

But not all the items purchased were grandiose.

One woman stopped by to pick up some wall hangings ($210), another man and his family just grabbed a light ($340) for the sake of memories.

Some people, picked up a single menu (up to $200).

Needless to say, whether or not you went home with an awning, the memories of this historic Polish bar and restaurant will live on.

(Be sure to check out our video up top if you haven't already.)

Here's a look at what some of the other items went for:

Stack of paper coasters: $100

Dinner plate with Nye's logo: $100

Nye's dinner menu: $200

Piano bar shell: $720

The Elvis Booth: $620

Keyboard: $476

Chopin Room neon sign: $3,000

Nye's large front sign: $4,800

And the most expensive item was the Chopin portrait that hung above the piano. It went for $7,100.

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