Video: Passenger makes grab for cop's gun during traffic stop

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Video footage shows a scary situation in northern Minnesota when a passenger lunged for a police officer's gun during a traffic stop.

The Fond du Lac Police Department shared dashcam footage on its Facebook page of the incident at the 2500 block of Big Lake Road in Cloquet this past Friday at 7 p.m., when officers pulled over a car for driving without headlights.

The occupants turned out to be uncooperative and appeared to be under the influence of narcotics, refusing to exit the vehicle when asked by officers, according to the Facebook post.

Police then pulled the driver out and tried to detain him as he continued to resist arrest. As they were struggling, a 36-year-old passenger in the back seat of the car reached out of the car window and grabbed a hold of one of the officer's guns.

Fortunately he was unsuccessful and was arrested, with reservation officer Sheri Dupuis telling the Star Tribune he was "very lucky" not to have been shot, as would have been the officer's right the second they went for the gun.

The driver, a 19-year-old man, was subdued with a Taser and was found to have a knife on him. A female passenger in the car was found to be in possession of a BB gun, which police say "looked like a handgun." Pepper spray was also found in the vehicle.

The two men are in custody at Carlton County Jail.

The Star Tribune notes one officer was injured in the altercation after being pushed to the ground by the driver, injuring his knee, and will be off-duty for a couple of weeks.

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