Video: Police looking for person who set off explosion in parking lot

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Police are looking for a person who set off an explosive device at an office building parking lot in North St. Paul.

The incident happened just after midnight on Friday morning, when a person riding a bike entered the lot at 2419 Margaret Street N., North St. Paul police said on its Facebook page.

He set alight a device, which on the video above explodes at around the 3:30 mark, and left the lot before it exploded.

The explosion blew out several exterior windows of the office building and punctured large holes in several steel garage doors nearby.

The building at 2419 Margaret Street houses the Kevin M. Snell Law practice, Pypp Security and Nhap Inc., according to Google.

It is also opposite North St. Paul's City Hall, police station and fire station.

Anyone with information should call 911 or North St. Paul police 651-747-2677.

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