Video: Police rescue man from Mississippi River during Wednesday's storm

Minneapolis police rescue a man who was exploring a storm drain when he was swept into the river.

Credit: Minneapolis Police Department

Minneapolis police rescued a man from the raging Mississippi River during Wednesday night's storms – and the ordeal was all captured on police body cameras.

Two Minneapolis police officers and two Hennepin County EMS paramedics were the first to the river under the Interstate 35W bridge, where the found a man who clinging to a rope, screaming for help, a news release says. (Watch the video above.)

The Pioneer Press says the man, who is in his early 20s, was exploring with a friend near a storm drain, when the water suddenly came up towards them.

"Before they knew it, there was so much water flowing through there. They were in distress, Hennepin County paramedic Chad Durant said, according to FOX 9.

The man's friend made it to safety and called 911, the news stations says. But the other man – who didn't want to be identified – was trapped in the river's raging waters. The current was so strong, it ripped off some of his clothes, the Pioneer Press says.

The video shows officer Molly Trupe crawling along the ridge of the river to find the end of the man's rope – her partner, officer Craig Brown, was holding onto her belt so she wouldn't fall into the river.

The first responders then used the rope to pull the man to safety.

"We want to remind people about what mother nature can do and how dangerous it can be," Sgt. Catherine Michal said in the video. "In this instance, it caused the police and paramedics to respond to help this gentleman, and if they couldn't have gotten there, I believe he would have gone into the river and we would have been doing a body recovery."

The man was not seriously injured, Minneapolis Police Chief Janeé Harteau said in a statement, adding she hopes the video reminds people how valuable first responders are.

"Every day, Minneapolis Police Officers are out in the community answering calls for help and putting themselves in harm’s way to save the lives of others. I continue to be proud of the men and women of the MPD," Harteau added.

Officials don't plan to file charges against the man or his friend, FOX 9 reports.

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