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Video released of Wisconsin skydivers in mid-air collision


NBC News has obtained exclusive video of the dramatic mid-air plane collision 12,000 feet over Superior, Wis., Saturday where nine skydivers and two pilots escaped major injury.

The video shows footage captured by helmet cameras from different jumpers involved in the mishap, including the collision and the fiery aftermath.

One view shows the legs of a jumper dangling over the tail of a plane, and another shows a skydiver hanging onto a step like an acrobat before he lets go and plummets toward the earth.

The two single-engine planes were getting into position for a tracking dive maneuver when the collision happened. One of the planes lost a wing and can be seen spinning out of control.

Only the pilot of the crippled plane sustained cuts and minor injuries as he escaped with an emergency parachute.

The pilot of the other plane was able to pull out of a dive and successfully landed his plane at the Richard I. Bong Airport in Douglas County, NBC News says.

Despite several published reports of the video being sold to NBC for $100,000, a source familiar with the deal told the Duluth News Tribune that the amount is incorrect.

"They’re posting how much the rights are for. That’s not accurate," the source told the News Tribune. "We wish (it was.)"

Barry Sinex, an instructor for Skydive Superior and one of the 11-member team who survived the accident, told the paper, "We were able to get something taken care of" with the money earned from the video.

Sinex declined to reveal what the amount was.

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