Video: Remember Minneapolis' plastic bag ban? What exactly happened with that?

That plastic bag ban never happened ... what's with that?

Plastic bags were supposed to be banned in Minneapolis as of June 2017. But it's June, and stores are still handing them out.

Turns out one of the budget bills Gov. Mark Dayton signed on Tuesday had a little line saying cities can't ban stores from using specific bags. So it's still up to you whether you'd like paper or plastic (or a reusable one).

Regardless of which bag you use, try to reuse it and recycle it. As the U.K. Environment Agency pointed out in a study, those reusable bags don't do much good if they just end up in the trash, too.

Check out the video above for more information. And to hear both sides of the plastic bag argument in Minneapolis, check out this story from earlier this week.

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