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Video: Sen. Al Franken – 'I have to admit that it feels like we are losing the war for truth'

Watch this short clip from Franken's final Senate floor speech, in which he argues for honest debate.

Al Franken has little time left in the U.S. Senate.

The senator, facing accusations of inappropriate touching from multiple women, will step down on Jan. 2. His replacement Tina Smith will be sworn in the following day.

On Thursday, Franken gave his final speech on the U.S. Senate floor, a 30-minute exploration of his motivations, his Paul Wellstone-inspired principles, his hopes for the future, and his criticisms of recent Republican-led policy decisions.

But the entire speech is framed around the concept of arguing – how it often turns people off of politics, but is a necessary part of the debating that goes on among lawmakers.

"I get why people want us to stop arguing and start, well, doing stuff. But since I am leaving the Senate, I thought I would take a big risk and say a few words in favor of arguments," Franken said. "After all, there’s no single magic solution that can bring all 100 of us together – because there’s no one set of values that brought all of us here."

But none of this arguing or debating can be productive and help Americans if the basic concept of facts – some things being true, some things being false – isn't adhered to by everybody, Franken said.

And because that applies to everyone, on both sides of any debate, that's the clip we're going to provide you with. Here's Franken talking about being able to "stand up and fight for a more honest debate."

You can read Franken's full remarks here, or watch the entire video of his final floor here.

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