Video: Sen. Al Franken's goodbye speech to supporters

The senator gave his first public speech in Minnesota since announcing his plans to resign.

The Essentials

1. Al Franken, with just days left as a U.S. senator, on Thursday gave his first public speech in Minnesota since announcing his plans to resign. The event was for supporters, staff and family – you can watch his remarks here.

2. Franken expressed gratitude to the people that helped him on his U.S. Senate journey (particularly his wife Franni). He also reiterated that just because he's leaving elected office doesn't mean he'll be disappearing, saying in part: "I'm not giving up my voice."

3. "We still have a lot of work to do together on issues ranging from net neutrality to climate change," Franken said, according to NBC News. "We still have to be ready to speak out for economic justice and to defend the truth." 

What Else You Should Know

Not only was the Dec. 28 speech Franken's first in Minnesota since saying he planned to resign amid inappropriate touching allegations, it may end up also being his final public address as a senator.

He'll step down on Jan. 2, which is just days away. And he isn't planning another Senate floor speech – his last remarks there came on Dec. 21


Sen. Al Franken: 'I have to admit that it feels like we are losing the war for truth'

A recent poll of Minnesota voters found about half don't think Franken should step down, a higher figure than previous polls. But a large contingent do still believe he should resign.

Tina Smith will replace him in the Senate. She'll be sworn in Jan. 3, and plans to run in the 2018 special election. Whoever wins will hold the seat until Franken's term expires in 2021.

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