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City says video of black man arrested after walking in street is incomplete

The incident never turned violent, but was heated at times.

Video of a black man being arrested in a Twin Cities suburb has prompted the city to issue a response.

The video was posted to YouTube Wednesday, and was taken at 60th and Xerxes Avenue in Edina.

Here's the video. There's strong language, FYI:

At the beginning of the video, the officer is walking with the man, gripping his coat.

"Come over here," the officer says to the man, who is clearly upset by this point.

"For what?" he responds, sort of pulling away.

"You're walking down the middle of the street," the officer, now also starting to yell, responds.

The man argues, and the back-and-forth continues as the two walk toward a squad car. The video continues on for a few more minutes, with the same tone for most of it. The man is eventually arrested after another squad comes on the scene.

Edina as a city is 88.1 percent white, with African-Americans making up 3 percent of the population.

What happened

The video description says the man was walking on the white line of the street because of construction on the sidewalk. An unmarked squad turned its lights on, cut the man off, then an officer got out and accused the man of walking down the middle of the street.

You can then see some of the confrontation – which never turns violent, though is heated at times – in the video.

The City of Edina offered its version of the events in an update Friday afternoon.

The city says the incident actually started "several minutes" before the YouTube video picks it up, and that the man was walking in the southbound lane of traffic with headphones on. So the officer flashed his lights and sirens and pulled up behind the man, who turned his head back, but continued walking. The officer drove the squad about 15 feet ahead of the man to stop him, got out, and asked the man to get out of the road.

The man, according to the city, was defiant and continued walking – and it's at that point the YouTube video starts.

The city says the officer viewed the man walking in the street as a "risk to the safety of the public." A breathalyzer also confirmed alcohol on the man's breath, though the city doesn't divulge the reading.

We've reached out to Edina police to get more information about what happened after the man was driven away in a squad car. We'll update this story when we hear back.

Filming the whole thing

During the video, the woman recording and another man occasionally comment about how the man did nothing, saying the officer could have just helped. A few times they interject and try to have a discussion with the officer.

The Edina release addresses that, trying to interact with an officer or suspect while you do it can put everyone on the scene in danger.

"It makes it more difficult for officers to deal with the situation on hand when they are at the same time dealing with the distractions of bystanders," Edina says.

The ACLU says if you're on public property, you have the right to take photos of anything within view – including law enforcement officers.

It can get a little trickier with video that includes audio. If there's an "expectation of privacy" among the people having a conversation, recording it can be illegal.

However, Appelman Law Firm says in Minnesota, only one person has to consent to an audio recording – so "you’re certainly within your rights to film a police officer in the line of duty, even if the other party doesn’t know or want you to film them."

And Edina acknowledges as much, saying: "As a bystander, it’s your right to film officer interactions."

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