Video shows verbally abusive encounter between Moorhead bus driver, students

The driver stops the bus and says he's quitting, before ordering the Horizon Middle School students off instead.
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Credit: Jim Monk, KFGO

Video footage showing the moment a Moorhead bus driver ordered 20 students off his bus has been released by police.

Footage obtained by KFGO through an open records request shows the driver radio his superiors to send another driver, to cheers from the children on the bus. (Warning: the video contains some offensive language.)

The driver stops the bus and says he's quitting, before ordering the Horizon Middle School students off instead.

The minute-long excerpt shows part of an incident that saw the 20 youths left stranded in an industrial park on Nov. 22. As the kids were getting off the driver and a couple of the students exchanged racially-charged insults.

A longer video published here by the Forum News Service captures this exchange between the white driver, identified as 50-year-old David Russell Miller, and a black student.

The argument between the driver and students is said to have started over assigned seating designed to separate some students who had been previously unruly.

"Go, bye," said the driver as students started to get off the bus, KVRR, which also published the segment, reports. "Once you get off the bus I'm taking off," he says, before later adding: "Get off my bus! What the [expletive]! [expletive], [expletive] you N------, get off my bus!"

At least one student is heard using offensive language directed at the bus driver during the videos.

KVRR reports that despite Miller apologizing, the Red River Trails bus company fired him three days after the incident. He'd been working there for two months.

Speaking to the Forum, Miller said he lost his temper and regretted his actions, commenting: "I should have never said the [expletive] word," he said. "I apologize for everything, to all the kids."

Second video released

This second video (watch it below), also obtained by KFGO, is from when Miller is still driving. It starts with him telling a student: "You need to shut your mouth right now, or you're walking."

"Call your momma, I want to see your momma right now, I guarantee I'll get your momma to smack the crap outta you," he adds.

The student replied: "My brother's gonna kill your dumb ass."

Criminal charges are not expected against Miller or any of the students.

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