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Night of the living trespasser

A Moorhead homeowner was surprised over the weekend when an apparently intoxicated man dressed in zombie make-up walked into his house. The zombie fled after the homeowner armed himself and confronted him. Police arrested a man matching the zombie’s description and charged him with trespassing and underage drinking.

Interview: Keillor on the future of his show, gay marriage debate

In a two-part interview with KSTP, public radio host Garrison Keillor talks about when he might retire from his "A Prairie Home Companion" show, his 14-year-old daughter, his 2009 stroke, and why he loaned his voice to the marriage amendment debate. And he gives props to longtime foe Jesse Ventura.

Tom Petters breaks his silence during exclusive interview

The convicted Minnesota businessman recently sat down with Twin Cities Business magazine Editor in Chief Dale Kurschner at a federal penitentiary in Kansas. It's the first time Petters agreed to an interview since being sentenced to 50 years in prison for orchestrating a multibillion-dollar Ponzi scheme. The 14-page feature will be in the May issue of Twin Cities Business that comes out April 18.